Changes due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed many things about our everyday life. Due to new regulations from the Board of Health we will be adjusting the procedure for entering the building during this time. Please read carefully the following procedures for your next visit.

Changes to Scheduling
A card will need to be put on file to make an appointment. You may still pay in cash or check after your session.

Symptom Check-in and Intake Interview
You will receive an appointment confirmation email two days before your appointment with a link to this form. Please fill this out the day of your appointment for each appointment. 

Massage Intake Form
This is to be completed by each client before their first visit. This only needs to be completed once and will include information about your medical history as well as goals for massage therapy.

COVID-19 Liability Form
Should only need to be filled out once and in this form you agree to reschedule should you have any COVID-19 related symptoms or if you come into contact with someone who has COVID-19.
When You Arrive
When you arrive please park behind the building but use the door in the front of the building. The back door belongs to another business. Please wear your mask inside of the building. If you need to use the bathroom before your massage it is located to the right of the stairs when you walk in. The treatment room is upstairs and to the right. If the door is closed please have a seat and your therapist will come get you. If the door is ajar please knock and enter.
Cleaning Procedures
Cleaning procedures will remain mostly the same but more frequent. 
 All surfaces in the office, hallway and bathroom will be sanitized between each client. The table will be completely redressed and sanitized. Dirty laundry will be kept in a separate room and the room will be aired out. All cloth seating will be removed and I will be using a HEPA air filter.