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I have been going to see Shaylynn for massage for a number of years. She is accomplished at her craft, always able to identify and address my physical issues, both small and large. She has always been professional, thorough and provided a great massage. She also introduced me to myofascial treatments which have proven to be extremely effective for me.
I would highly recommend Shaylynn
Shaylynn is a natural healer, a therapist for the therapists. Her sessions can be intense or deeply relaxing depending on what’s needed. She has a strong understanding of the interconnected processes of the body and musculature which leads to an extremely effective massage that has left me both loose and sleeping on a number of occasions. As a fellow massage therapist I love the work she does!
-Paxton Krusinski
Shay’s the best! Any time I’ve had muscle stiffness or pain Shay’s been able to really get in there and work it out in a way that leavs a lasting effect. She’s super professional and great company too, highly recommended!
Shaylynn is a great massage therapist, she has helped me with my headaches, shoulder pain, sciatica.
-Dave Chen
Shaylynn has a kind, intuitive and professional demeanor that immediately puts you at ease. She is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist and though I am no longer able to work with her since I moved away, I miss her every day (and so does my back!). Shaylynn was always able to pinpoint the root of an issue and sort it out in a single session. She answered my questions about her process with ease and was always in tune with how my body was responding; checking in with me and my comfort level frequently. Every single time I visited Shaylynn with pain, I left without pain. She is truly a miracle worker.
-Lindsay Adams